Friday, January 5, 2007

Have A... HappY...New...YeaR!!

I wish it be A:
Related to:

Starting from:

Up to eternity:-)

I dream of..freedom!!!

AAaand i am back once again after over a month of leaving my beautiful home(bala3ty) and going out to the real world fulling of events, different kinds of people with lots of shocks..

Anyway.. i miss my little home sooo much and i wish i never leave it but that's life just like sea.. throw u among waves and leave u swim untill the other beach side... so u cross safely or spend the rest of ur life fighting waves and storms alone with no hope, no aim to achieve!!!

Now i am starting a new age.. sen el roshd like my friends call:) "21" what an age!! it puts u in a new stage fulls of ambition to enhance ur future and manage ur life by urself away from ur family instructions.. keda sa7.. keda 3'alat.. do that.. dont do that or u will be punished.. till when the parents will be extremely worried'bout us?!.. i dont mean i got bothered from that but now we r growing up and as long as they brought us up well al hamdo le Allah and taught us what's right and what's wrong.. then they should leave us counting on ourselves.. or at least talking about my self.. i feel i am blocked fe donya el a6fal uptill now.. i wanna feel i am growing old.. i wanna get all the goals i wish to have.. i wanna gain experiences.. i wanna get hurt, i wanna feel real love.. i wanna c cheater and honest...good and and beast!!.. i wanna be my self... i just wanna tell my family: i am growing old.. i am not that little kid anymore.. i wanna build my own world with honesty,inspiration,love,work,independency but with your gold words u always keep on teaching me by since my first day in life.. ur good and pious bringing up will be the stars brightening up my life untill the day i die..... Love u Allllll